Dear World,

Dear world.. 
I have a letter for you

A letter birthed deep in my heart 

And fostered longer on my lips 

Longer than I have cared for it exist

But alas, here we are 

First of all let me just say 

I hear you. 

WE hear you 

All of us ‘youngings’ 

Us with dreams and ambitions that you bore in us

Us, queer wild with the world at our feet

Us with virile appetites and fertile loins

And yes, us with absolutely no desire to sire

Hear these words, 

Solemn from our parched tongues 

We beg of you, stop already 

We are tired-I am exhausted 

I am fed up with questions 

‘So when will there be a little one of your own running around?’ 

‘Can’t you see? Your clock is ticking. Better start early.. ‘

As if my delay will cause a sudden seismic shift in the universe 

Pitting me against myself 

In a race that neither has a winner or a loser

Yet at every turn when I say

‘NO. I never want any’ 

Right there, your jaw drops.. 

‘How dare you!?! Are you not a woman? ‘

‘What woman does not want a family??!’ 

Well we exist, 

Right here. 

Which is neither here or there

Since A, it is nobody’s business but my own 

But also B, how can I possibly??

I of conscious mind 

This awakened heart 

After all that I have heard 

All I have endured in my short life

How do I perceive to love an innocent 

Yet condemn them to this fate?? 

This rotting rock that is deathly allergic to change 

Averse to healing yet desperate in its need of it? 

Seeing all that I have seen 

With both my eyes

And all that’s been passed down through generations?? 

Tell me, 

What love is this

To let an innocent perish

Yet their only sin is existence? 

Can’t YOU see?? 

It is folly 

Utterly futile this question 

When all around 

I see nothing but suffering 

I see persecution 

I see injustice 

I see greed and corruption 

A society corroded 

But refuses to fix itself 

So no. 

I refuse to do that to another human being 

I know, 

I’m no Nightingale 

None of us are 

But the price that is life is too high 

The reward to only a choice few. 

Children are meant a blessing 

Never a burden 

To themselves nonetheless 

So forgive me my ‘blasphemous’ words

Or not.. 

I could care less

This world is meant for the living 

And by all that’s holy

I will first live 


And then let live

EDIT 7/4/2018 

Our Planet Is So Fucked That Some Women Are Choosing to Not Have Kids.. Seriously 

So in my daily online patrols, I chanced upon this article that basically provides back up for this poem which I wrote on a sporadic time by my lonesome. I had been reflecting on the many choices I as a woman (not forgetting my blatant queerness btw) have to make to appease society in general vis-à-vis the consequences of said choices. 

Putting pen to paper on this subject greatly relieved my mental anguish in as much as it awoke the reality of the world as it is. All that said, I really hope both prove a worthwhile read as it was such a pleasure for me to write. 

To light, love and the breadth that is life


Published by: Carlisle

I tend to live in my head a little too much so this is a snippet of the worlds inside me. I only hope it does scare somebody aware. I like to live my fantasies,inspired by my every reality. Enjoy this ride with me. "I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective." Ursus Wehrli

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