Redundantly Pregnant: A Mother’s Story 

Judy’s story is just one of many stories of women treated atrociously just because they got pregnant. The systems that are meant to protect them don’t. Employers use these same systems to frustrate women to the extent that the women are completely defeated. 

Here’s a recent very real article on the deplorable way we treat the women who have given us life and continue to nurture us into the people we become as adults. 

It’s a story that not many hear because it is not spoken of as loudly as it deserves in our media or in our society at large. However it is a crucial conversation that needs to be had with a goal to finding an immediate and long term solution. 

Article 8 of the Maternity Protection Convention of 2000 which is yet to be ratified by Kenya. 
This should be step number 1. Pressure the Kenyan government to ratifying this. 

All mothers, single or not, do not deserve this kind of treatment so please, read and share this information as vast and far as you possibly can. 

Many women, especially as a result of social and cultural conditioning, do not become fully aware of their dignity. 

– Pope John Paul II


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