Everywhere I turn,
I see my heart’s pieces
I felt it breaking in small cracks
Thought nothing of it
But now?
There’s nothing there
Nothing left
Everything I held inside
Is all splayed out on the ground
What made sense inside the whole
Is nothing more than a memory of what was
My heart broke
Yet I didn’t notice
I felt the slicing
But being naïve
I thought it was just a mighty pump
A sign that I’m alive
Now I know better
But even if I do,
It’s a little too late
My heart is shattered
And I honestly don’t know
Anything I can do to mend it
How do I go back from this?
How do I ever feel again??
How do I know I’m alive anymore??

My heart broke,
Yet I didn't notice

Published by: Carlisle

I tend to live in my head a little too much so this is a snippet of the worlds inside me. I only hope it does scare somebody aware. I like to live my fantasies,inspired by my every reality. Enjoy this ride with me. "I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective." Ursus Wehrli

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