Fuckboys – The Legend

Don’t believe me?? Take a look around, they are everywhere!! Always have been. People are just noticing them and their destructive paths and might I add,it’s about damn time.


By popular definition and from all context I’ve seen, a fuck boy is a male that happens to have functioning body parts,a little brain function as motor to move said parts,zero morals and complete disregard for other human life except his own.  Sound familiar? Well like I said,they’ve been here all along, we just didn’t know what they were like in their prime before all the drama and the aftermath. So I’ll break it down best I can, stay with me.
A fuck boy is that boy that hit your a girl once in your kindergarten and you told her that maybe it’s her fault. She MUST have done something to provoke him.
It’s that boy that continuously harrasses his female classmate out on the playground and you her parent tell her, yet again ‘he really likes you! Ask him out’.
He is that teenage boy that takes your car out for a ride at night and in the morning comes home drunk with the headlights smashed to smitherins yet you the loving mom say nothing to him because ‘boys will be boys’!
He’s the kid in college that was caught cheating on his girlfriend and somehow,she absolutely must have done something to make him stray. He’s also the next one caught out vandalising public property but you the ever loving parent bail him out and pay that bribe to avoid him getting arrested and consequently ruin his life. Why?! He only did it that one time and so what?? He was angry. He was being a man fighting for what he believed in.

He's going nowhere anytime soon

He is the man child that will ask you for nudes and send you dick pics and lord help you should you refuse him. He will stalk you and/or threaten your life for rejecting the miracle that is his genitalia.
Fast forward 10yrs,he is the man facing only 5yrs in prison for abusing his wife and threatening her life and after he gets out she will still be married to him and if not,SHE will be paying his alimony seeing as to how he cannot support himself. He is the male specimen that lounges on the couch as his wife fends for him and her 3 children by said neanderthal yet he has the gall to complain about every single thing he thinks she’s not doing for him. Am I warm enough??


Now he’s the thing. He’s going nowhere. This is a child that never grew up, trapped in the body of a grown man. So yes,be very scared for your futures ladies. Too bad nobody is getting angry enough to call out this societally promulgated bullshit and do something about it. And until we do get that fire burning, this is how things will remain. So enjoy the memes and quirky screenshots. Real life will be waiting for you once you put down your phones and get off that keyboard.



Published by: Carlisle

I tend to live in my head a little too much so this is a snippet of the worlds inside me. I only hope it does scare somebody aware. I like to live my fantasies,inspired by my every reality. Enjoy this ride with me. "I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective." Ursus Wehrli

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4 thoughts on “Fuckboys – The Legend”

  1. How sad that women have been programmed to accept this societal rot as the ideal. I look around and pity the women who have been taught to stomach this nonsense and term it ‘OK’.
    How sad that this is the new generation norm because the older generation raising the f*ckboys are as messed up.
    Too precise… keep writing

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  2. I was actually having this conversation with my girl cousins over the weekend. You are so right and hit the nail on the head. I think the moment u baby the boychild as much as they are now….they become sissys when older. They are the boys in n out of rehab, the men living in their parents house at the age of 40 and still rely on their parents to support him m his family. It’s a shame

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    1. Right?? These types didn’t just fall out of the sky. They were made as they are by constantly never having to take any responsibility for their actions.


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