For those with a weak tummy

Going through my timeline an article pops up. It’s about a Kenyan man that recently got married in the US, miles away from his native home. Reading it however, you’d think the author was being personally attacked from these two complete strangers having a celebration of their lives together all this distance away. He writes with such venom I actually start worrying that it was his money used in planning the actual ceremony. No really, Kenyans and their money can’t be separated, we all know that but this one just took the cake. I could feel his bile as it stewed and rose up his oesophagus threatening to cover the new couple in his cud all the way in Michigan.
Don’t get me wrong,the facts are told as is but the tone used in telling their story is one of disbelief coupled with disgust at something that is entirely nobody’s business except the happy couple’s.

Their marriage certificate won't randomly combust nor will their marriage be void just because it offends your tender sensitivities..

Which begs my question, why do people get so emotional over things they absolutely have no control over?? Really,it’s that serious. Why are you feeling things that just take away from your happiness and health all because you have an opinion,as ‘informed’ as it is? Because no matter how angry you get or how disgusted you feel at it one thing is for sure,you’re the only person hurting. Their marriage certificate won’t randomly combust nor will their marriage be void just because it offends your tender sensitivities,and neither will their memories together get erased from their hearts and minds. Instead of basing your judgements on personal emotions and opinions I suggest this instead. Get that handy little gadget in your hand called a smartphone and read. Gather all the information you can about whatever it is that’s making you so touchy and take it in. Turn it inside and out till it no longer frightens you because that’s all this is about, a fear of the unknown so conquer it. Believe it or not,the longer you hold on to such feelings of resentment you ultimately give the ‘fags’ power over you. I know for sure you wouldn’t want that. You’re such a manly man after all right??


Published by: Carlisle

I tend to live in my head a little too much so this is a snippet of the worlds inside me. I only hope it does scare somebody aware. I like to live my fantasies,inspired by my every reality. Enjoy this ride with me. "I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective." Ursus Wehrli

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