For a very long time now, I have been thinking and planning out how and when I was going to start this blog but being the procrastinator I am,never really got around to doing it. I always had an excuse but underlying all that I am sure was and still is fear. Fear of having what I say be not what anybody wants to hear. Fear of offending..I don’t even know who in the first place. Fear of speaking my mind. I am a pretty private person therefore I always saw it as a vulnerability exposing myself so wide. After all, my mind is my haven, the one place I can truly ever go to to be myself. I didn’t want to share that.

Welcome to my world, as I see it, as I live it.

Then I had a realization, an epiphany if you may. I am blessed. I am abundantly and sufficiently blessed. No not with monetary gains or high stature but rather the grandest gift of all. I am blessed with the gift of questioning, of understanding, of evolving and constant self improvement. I know I know some of you might not get the magnificence of this but to me this is worth more than anything else ever possibly can in this world. The fact that I can actively change my life from the simple fact that I can change my mind. That I have 100% control of myself and everything else in my life from something so often taken for granted like perspective.

But I am done being a slave to that fear. I cannot hope to ever share this wonderful gift with the world if I constantly keep it alive and thriving. I am done giving it free residence so I’m killing it. I am killing my fear and hopefully as I do this I get to educate and take some more people on this journey with me and inspire you to kill your fears as well. So welcome to my world, as I see it, as I live it. 


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